What can a celebrity do for me?

EVERYTHING! To put it simply, the right celebrity endorsement, speaker, or expert can deliver your campaign directly into the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

Celebrities have always had a powerful influence over public tastes, from what we eat, watch, and wear to the causes we support. But in today’s vast media landscape, the competition for public attention grows more intense every day. The need for ENGAGING and PERSUASIVE communicators has never been greater.

Celebrities give your campaign a voice that climbs above the chatter. Whether they are actors or musicians, comedians or athletes, fashion designers or medical experts, financial gurus or eco-activists, 4 star chefs or forensic psychologists, celebrities arise in all areas of public life and put your message where they are…CENTER STAGE.

While finding the right celebrity speaker, host, expert, or guest can add definitive value to your campaign or event, the process of choosing that perfect match is a lot like dating. Don’t worry! There is someone for everyone. Consider The Celebrity Link your celebrity matchmaker.

We will find you the perfect celebrity for:

  • TV commercials
  • Radio and Print Ads
  • Public Relations campaigns
  • Satellite Media tours
  • PSAs and Infomercials
  • Documentaries and Voice-overs
  • Speaking Engagements and Corporate Events
  • YouTube and Internet campaigns
  • Private Events and Hosting

First, we get to know you; your brand, your objectives, your hopes, your dreams… well, maybe not that dramatic but any information about your product or event, that will help us help you. Our creativity is our strength – we talk through ideas, we can brainstorm with you, ultimately we will lead you to original solutions that will wow your audience and stump the competition.

Then we get to work. What sets us apart from others in the field is our extensive, up-to-the-minute database. The depth and breadth of our research allows The Celebrity Link to quickly and efficiently zero in on the most specific celebrity search – say, for instance, your campaign criteria calls for someone who is a vegetarian, and once played a mother on TV. We have you covered. Or if you need someone to share a personal story, how they or a family member were affected by a particular cause or disease, we have you covered. Or a plethora of other criteria, from where a celebrity was born, to whether they lead a green lifestyle, have a pet, or at one time won a reality show. From our vast and constantly evolving repository of celebrity information, we deliver the perfect list of matches. We leave no Variety unread, no film or TV show unwatched, no radio spot unheard…

The Celebrity Link understands what it means to win business after a hard-earned pitch, and how a PR campaign can begin with ideas tossed around a room. We also know how a million details must come together to produce a TV commercial, pull off a once-in-a-lifetime event, or negotiate and close a deal. We’re there to cover all the bases. First and foremost: The Celebrity Link knows the business of celebrity talent acquisition.