Melissa Gilbert – President and Founder


Melissa Gilbert leads The Celebrity Link with a wealth of experience, she has worked in many facets of the entertainment industry eventually landing at International Creative Management Partners (ICM) which set the course of her career as a talent agent.  Through passion and hard work, she quickly rose at ICM to run the firm’s East Coast celebrity endorsement department. After more than 15 years in the business, she launched her own firm, The Celebrity Link. Understanding the mutually beneficial (though often separate) spheres of branding and celebrity, Gilbert created The Celebrity Link to bridge the gap.

Gilbert’s approach blends knowledge, creativity, and industriousness to deliver innovative branding solutions for corporations and organizations around the globe. She has represented celebrities as an agent and manager, negotiated deals, managed relationships, and designed contracts—with a signature attention to detail that has kept her in the forefront of the entertainment industry. When clients seek a celebrity to advance their brand, Gilbert’s expertise and years of experience ensure it will be a perfect match.