The Celebrity Link answers your questions…

Why do I need The Celebrity Link? I know how to pick up a phone…
This is our home turf, our specialty, what we do every day. We secure celebrity talent for an astonishing variety of campaigns and events. In an industry built on “who you know,” we are an important link. We’ve worked hard over the years to establish and nurture relationships with major players – agents, managers, publicists, attorneys and assistants. We make strategic use of these valuable resources on your behalf – when you need an answer today, we know which doors to knock on and we receive answers quickly.

You say you know everyone, but can you really call?
Yes we can, and we do…and we will for you. You name your perfect celebrity choice and we will make sure they know you are interested and what your campaign is all about.

What exactly is The Celebrity Link?
What we are NOT is a talent (or booking) agency, which represents only a select few individuals. Instead of representing talent directly, we represent YOU: your brand, your organization, your message. At The Celebrity Link, your needs come first, and we negotiate on your behalf with your bottom line in mind.

When can I count on The Celebrity Link?
Whenever, wherever you need us. We’ll be there to hold your hand, your coat, and your coffee. We can be on set, in the conference room, or on a call, coming up with additional suggestions and concepts. We are at your disposal, from the initial discussion of talent, to the negotiation and creation of the contract, and right through to the performance of all celebrity services.

Can I really have a celebrity at my wedding, birthday, or other private event?
You bet! What’s most important is to create a memorable event for yourself and your guests. You also want the satisfaction of knowing your event made a big impression and went off perfectly. The Celebrity Link will not only help you decide which celebrity is the perfect match, we’ll also help you conceptualize that perfect day you’ve anticipated for so long.

But don’t we have people who do this for us?
Perhaps you do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help. We work with your people as specialists in the areas of celebrity procurement and negotiating. Let your marketing, advertising, and production professionals concentrate on their jobs while we find your dream team of fashion experts or that ideal spokesperson to communicate your latest message.

What if we don’t know who we want?
Believe us we can help.  We ask you the right questions to help us, help you and then we provide a you a list of celebrities that fit.  If your needs change we send you a new list of celebrities.   We are here to make your lives easier and when you are working with as many cooks as you do, our job is to help without spoiling the soup.

There was a red-haired girl on this TV show like twenty years ago, who did a dance on a mountain top… do you know who I mean?
By the time we’re done, we’ll not only tell you her name but will add a few additional recommendations that fit your spokesperson criteria as well. If you have a list of people you are dying to work with, we’ll make sure you have access to them. If you’ve decided the perfect spokesperson is a celebrity who played a cop on TV or in the movies and must own a dog, but you have no idea where to begin, guess what – we do. We can put together a celebrity list using any criteria you can come up with. Time is money, and we save you both.

How fast are you?
We can typically respond to your needs within 24 hours, but we have been known to turn around a list in just a few hours it all depends on the depth of your criteria. That’s how speedy and efficient we are. We have the expertise and resources to quickly answer your spokesperson questions and we are open 24 hours a day.  So if you are in Dubai or Australia or in the next town over, feel free to call us, we are always here for you.

Can you save us time and money?
Yes and yes.  It’s all about connections and negotiations, understanding the market and the potential services of the celebrity, what future projects they may have and how to paint the picture to get everyone excited.  To deliver on time and below ask is always our goal and our happy clients are the proof.

What if we know we want a celebrity but aren’t quite sure what to do with them?
We have helped many large brands and advertising and PR agencies by presenting them with a myriad of ideas on how to creatively incorporate a celebrity into their existing campaign or event.  One example – We worked with a major appliance brand who was unveiling their new washer and dryer and wanted to make a splash at a one of a kind event but didn’t know any more than that.  We suggested the Kentucky Derby and Diddy’s white party.  They chose the Kentucky Derby.  Our plan was to set up stain stations where the invited celebrities could sign a new white t-shirt with a sharpie, then apply ketchup, grass stains, etc on the shirts, they would be washed during the event and then displayed after.  The sparkling clean t-shirts with only the sharpie signed autograph would be left and then the shirts would be sold to raise money for a charity.  That was all us and we would love to create the same type of thing for you.

Do celebrity speakers really educate, motivate, excite?
YES! – time and again, and with the stats to support the expense. Finding the right speaker can make all the difference, and we have plenty of suggestions for that perfect fit. Meanwhile, we’re there to support you every step of the way. If you need us to pin the microphone on your speaker’s bowtie, and make sure he’ll be heard in every corner of the room, we’re on it.

What if we are pitching new business?
We are a cheap date…well, free, actually. What that means is The Celebrity Link does not bill for services while you are pitching for new business. We like to make money, but only if you’re making money, so we don’t charge fees for our research or our lists while you are prospecting new business. We call it a handshake type of deal. When you win the business and need a celebrity, you work with us.

Other than finding celebrities, what else can you do for us?
We can do as much or as little as fits your needs. You tell us what you would like us to handle and we will take care of it. Once we contract your talent, there are dozens of logistical details, from trains, planes, and automobiles, to hotel rooms, arranging for message training, rehearsals, and so on. We can be on-site to make sure events run smoothly and all needs are met. Our goal is to free you up to do the things that you do best.