Test your celebrity endorsement savvy with the following quiz and receive a free consultation with The Celebrity Link.

1. In the classic sitcom I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball gets “loopy” promoting this product on TV?
2. Mad Men brand taglines, which are real?
3. In the 80’s hit Baby Boom, Diane Keaton is knocked off the corporate advertising ladder but climbs her way back to the top selling gourmet…
4. Which celebrity chef has made an endorsement empire with such neologisms as stoup, sammies and yum-o?
5. What decade launched these very often quoted taglines: Hey Mikey, he likes it”, “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin and “the quicker picker upper”
6. Who has shown off their pearly whites in a toothpaste commercial
7. David Duchovney is well-known for his wonderful TV roles from The X-Files to Californication.  Did you know he is the voice behind a very popular pet food brand?  Can you name it?
8. What actor played a telephone repairman in a Listerine commerical.  If his name does doesn’t immediately come to you, maybe this will  help.  He has played, an inmate, God and the President of the United States.
9. “Hey kid, catch.” Everyone should know this Super Bowl spot, heartstrings memorably pulled.
10. What cartoon characters promoted Winston cigarettes in the 1960’s
11. E-Trade has featured many adorable human babies and as of late adorably cute animals.  Trick question, which animal has not been featured in an E-Trade commercial?
12. There are many comedians who talk about their love of food in their acts, but which comedian is outspoken about his love of Hot Pockets?
13. Which fashion brand launched in the 1990’s?
14. What is the best selling toy brand of all time?
15. What super star athlete faced off against himself in a Gatorade Super Bowl spot?